Tree Removal - DIY vs. Hiring A Pro

Recently I had some trees in the yard that needed to be removed.  I have a chansaw and know how to use it, so I figured I'd give the job a shot on my own.  I quickly realized that I had no business trying to remove large trees without the help of professionals.  I did a bit of research on tree removal and wanted to share my case it can help a homeowner some time in the future. 

Arborists normally offer a number of tree removal services, some of which include tree lambing, tree pruning, and tree trimming. Because this job is somehow technical, the service providers usually have a huge responsibility, and that is why the job should be done by professionals.

tree removal
This service is often required especially if you have trees that pose a threat of damaging your property in or around your compound. In many cases, trees are normally located in areas within your compound in a way that they block your driveways or sideways and such trees need to be removed. Tree limbing is usually required when the branches of your compound trees hinder or obstruct sunlight to pass into your house or garden. However, it is without doubt that you can do tree pruning or limbing by yourself, but it is not an easy task, and that is why this process should be done by professionals.

A good reason why you should hire an arborist is to provide you with San Diego tree removal services for your unwanted trees is that if you mishandle the equipments and tools that are used in removing trees, or mishandle other related stuff, it can prove to be very fatal. So, in order to avoid any situation that may lead you to the hospital, you should hire a certified professional who is well trained on every aspect of removing trees, and can do it effectively and safely. However, before hiring the arborist, you should identify and understand your needs. So consider the following points when hiring him or her.

Grant work — This work usually requires brush chipping and stump grinding of trees. However, stump grinding can mess your compound because it produces chips which may scatter after the job is finished. So, you should be sure of the specific task that you want to be done to your trees.

The pruning work – The process by which damaged or unwanted branches are cut is referred to as tree pruning. However, the primary aim of tree pruning is to strengthen as well as develop the tree. Because the un-prunned tree branches usually pose danger to your possessions, you should ensure you get the best tree removal services from professionals.

Dangerous work — This work involves collecting all the broken branches or small tree chips that might cause injuries or even damage your property after the work is done. Therefore, before you decide which tree removal services to hire, make sure the company offer insurance covers to its employees.

From the above points, you should now be familiar with what you specifically need from such a professional. Now, the next step is to do a brief research on the best certified arborist firms within your locality. Even though the process of getting the best certified arborist firm might not be an easy task, it is worth doing the research. You can start by seeking referrals from your friends and family members who have used the services in the recent past.

My Dummies Guide To Lawn Mower Maintenance

Image result for lawn mower maintenanceNow how many chicks do you know that could put together a fact filled, detailed, educated tutorial on lawn mower care?  Not many right.  But this gal loves her yard and I love keeping my lawn care gear working properly.  Lawn mowers aren't cheap, so a little maintenance goes a long way so you don't have to replace that mower ever half a dozen or so years.  Here's my guide to keeping your mower working tip top and your lawn will thank you for it. 

Yards today have a profound significance in the daily life of individuals. Besides representing social condition, by bringing appeal and elegance to homes, they serve as refuges of harmony, meditation, rest, diversion and union to life. The effects of a vital, booming and harmonious garden are reflected on the homeowners' conduct, drive and wellbeing.  

Your lawn mower is your primary lawn care tool. The care you provide to it can either support your work or make it a complete calamity. There are different types of lawn mowers, and some of the care they require depends on the type you get. Nevertheless, there are shared lawn mower maintenance suggestions that concern any type of lawn mower.  Whatever sort you select or are counseled to buy, lawn mower maintenance is a must to conserve it in good shape and make it operational for maintaining your yard healthy and ravishing. Besides being adjusted to set off on the first pull, it has to be set to get in contact with the grass.   Lawn mower maintenance should occur prior to, during and after employing the tool.  This is the same weather you're using a riding mower, gas push mower, electric lawn mower or battery powered mower. 

Prior to firing it up, make a thorough checkout to seek for loose nuts and bolts which require tightening, rusty structure which needs smoothing, readying and painting or/ and old or loose wires in need of replacement or adjusting.   Assure, also, that you clean the spark plugs every season. When they seem creaky, do not bother cleaning them; change them instead. Change or clean the air filter, whatever is needed for your lawn mower. You should learn if your mower uses a paper or a foam air filter and proceed accordingly.   Lawn mower maintenance is important for a growing lawn. Lawn mower blades have to be sharp for a steady maintenance routine, as mowing the grass with straight cuts by sharp blades guarantees its flourishing growth. Dull blades (see how to sharpen dull blades here) tear the grass instead of cutting it straight, turning grass reactive to illness. While you mow the grass, you are essentially creating lesions that could capture illness.

Image result for how to sharpen dull lawn mower blades

Lawn mower maintenance while on mowing season implies cleaning the lawn mower's deck about two times to enhance the instrument's execution and bring down the scattering of illness.  After mowing season is over, the next phase on lawn mower maintenance starts. Assure you empty the fuel tank by keeping the mower running until it stops. Hold the tank empty until the subsequent mowing season, or, the worn fuel which has stayed inside the tank for so long will originate moisture and become gluey, accumulating in the gas lines and carburetor, killing the motor. Likewise, ensure you drain the old oil on the tank and put in new oil.

If you are serious about a pastime, you search for flawlessness. A planned and rigorous lawn mower maintenance  routine will assure you savor your passion and the returns completely.


Installing Trim & Crown Molding Made Easy

If you are building a new home or remodeling one you already own, you can never go wrong by adding architectural details. Adding architectural details can dramatically change the look of your home. At the most basic level of trim work that will serve to hide the differences between walls and floors and gaps around windows and doors. It was after the war of the 1950s that builders began to cut down the amount of casting, which went into a house so they could build them faster and cut costs to build. But new trim work can always be added later.

If you're in the market for buying and add trim to your home, you will first want to decide how big the trim you want to buy. If your room is very small and has a low ceiling trim you buy do not have to be a great as it would need to be in a room with higher ceilings and more square footage.

The first thing you want to select is your crown molding and then match your house window, door casings and baseboards to crown.

Size must be close to the same for your room to look right. Once you have your casting the next thing will be getting it painted and then get ready to put it up. I do not know on all paints their casting before they put it up but I do it because I think it's much easier to put molding across a couple so horses paint and then touch it up after it is installed. That's just my 2 cents worth to you about how to make your job a little easier.

Architectural molding is expensive, so take the time to research cutting crown molding angles before you start cutting. Below are some tips that I will share with you that will help you learn how to install crown molding yourself. crown molding corner cuts will be your hardest to master, but with a little practice you will be a pro in no time.

1. Place your casting, where it will be installed. Placement molding in the room where it is installed will let it adjust. temperature in the room it will be used thus making it easier to work with.

2. Cut some small samples of crown molding, so you can see how joints work. Use them to check the corners you are working in. The test pieces can tell you whether or not the corner is out of square. You can see how much you need to adjust your saw cut to make the joints work.This is much easier and a whole lost less expensive than cutting up everything you're casting and not get the right angel.

3. Buy or borrow a good miter saw. Do a good job in every project always goes better if you have good tools to work with. A good miter saw will help your project go smoother.


Decorating is my passion. I love to decorate in a bold and lively style.Cheap home decorating ideas are what I specialize in and cheap home decor that I can make look like they cost a million.

I Love My New Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

robotic vacuum cleaner

If you’re like me, who finds manual vacuuming a very tedious and time-consuming task , or if you’re always on the go and hardly find time to vacuum your home, then the robotic vacuum cleaner would be a great addition to your household. I finally broke down and bough an iRobot roomba.  Here’s why you should

- It’s fully automated, thus, it saves you time to do other chores while your robotic vacuum does the dirty work for you. You can have a clean floor and carpet, in no time, without lifting a finger .You can even program them to clean your home while you are away.

- If you have back problems or other injuries, it reduces the strain, so it’s great for people with disabilities .You can even program it to clean several times during the day, which is great for people with allergies to dust particles , pet hair, etc.

- They are designed to clean hard-to-reach areas like beneath the couch, bed, and any nook and cranny within your home. A great feature that upright vacuum cleaners can’t achieve .

- They are easy to clean, and requires very little maintenance . Some of those cleaners even recharge by themselves and requires very little power to operate.

- These gadgets are safe to use, even with children and pets around . It comes with ultra-sensitive sensors, so you need not worry about it damaging stuff around your home or running over fragile material.

- They are lightweight, have cute compact designs unlike bulky upright vacuum cleaners. They are very easy to store , and most importantly, they are not too heavy on the budget with a lot of brands and a price that’s competitive with tradional upright vacuum cleaners

Things to keep in mind before you buy a robotic vacuum cleaner :

- The robotic vacuum cleaner should have a very precise mapping system to make sure every inch is completely covered .Some vacuum cleaners simply go round and round or back and forth without any definite direction , so it does not clean the same area twice . It should also have the ability to thoroughly clean corners and hard to reach areas , but not leave scratches or marks on your walls and furniture.

- They should have good ,working sensors to protect your valuables from accidental bumps and scratches. You don’t want your vacuum cleaner to fall off the stairs or damage your delicate furniture and prized possessions, and even worse, you don’t want your vacuum cleaner to be tangled and caught on the wires in your home.

- Select a cleaner that produces the least amount of noise . Nothing is more irritating than watching a good movie or reading a good book with the noise of your vacuum cleaner in the background

-  It should have a user-friendly, easy to navigate, and less-cluttered interface. The more buttons there are to click on, the more difficult it is to operate. It should also be easy to clean and maintain, and the dust compartment should be easy to use.

- It should have strong suction power and it should have the ability to thoroughly clean thick carpets and rugs . It should also have the ability to mop after it cleans, for that extra shine on your wooden floors.

- Power consumption, speed, efficiency, and value for money should also be considered . Some of these robotic vacuum cleaners can only be bought online , so it would be a good idea to compare prices and read product reviews and check out forum, blogs, and read comments from other users , before you part with your hard-earned money.

Here are the top robotic vacuum cleaners in the market and today :

It is said to be one of the smartest, most advanced hard surface floor cleaners developed.. It digitally maps the room before it cleans and makes sure every inch of the floor is thoroughly cleaned , so it never misses a spot.

It’s not only for dry cleaning , but it mops too ! Simply attach a pre-moistened or disposable cleaning cloth or you can use washable micro fibre cloths .and it mops away, even removing some floor stains. It has a sleek, low-profile design and allows you to clean places your upright vacuum can’t reach . It’s usable on any hard surface floor .

It turns the power off by itself. It also charges automatically and it can clean for up to three hours on a single charge.

This is one of the most popular robotic vacuum cleaner  with millions sold worldwide .The iRobot Roomba gets rid of dirt, dust , pollen , pet hair and allegens on it’s own, at a touch of a button. These smart robots automatically self-adjusts itself to different floor surfaces as it moves around your home.

It cleans under the bed and other hard to reach areas, unlike and old-fashioned upright vacuum, roomba cleans tight spots and under and around furniture. It ensures the whole floor is completely cleaned. Roombas soft-touch bumper provides a cushion between the cleaner and the objects it touches while cleaning, protecting your furniture and other household from scratches and marks.

It’s so easy to use, and it’s touch pad interface eliminates mechanical buttons letting you control the robot with just the touch of your fingertips.

It’s unique feature is that it has a laser rangefinder that maps the room before cleaning it. It navigates itself very well around objects and it is very safe to use. It is said to have the most powerful sucking power on any robotic vacuum cleaner . Even more than some upright vacuum cleaners .

It’s easy one-touch button interface is very user-friendly and it even has it’s own docking station and charges by itself when it’s done cleaning .

The dust tray is very easy to clean . Just push a button, pull the tray, and that’s it. You don’t have to lift the entire device to empty the dirt tray.

One of the cons of this device though is the sound. It is loud, so you don’t want to be in the room watching tv while this device is working .

It has a beautiful sleek design and can be remote-control operated. It has a unique voice guidance control and it features dual upper and lower cameras. The upper camera photographs the ceiling for localization and mapping. The lower camera scans the floor for moving objects, therefore, enhancing precision and speed.

It has an anti-collision optical sensor. While other competing robots vacuum too far of a distance from walls, or have to collide into walls to turn, the Hom Bot cleans right up to the wall and then automatically turns.

It also includes a mop, for a shiny finish on wooden , tiled , parquet or granite floors.

It has three automated settings that allows you to select the from thorough , light, to intense cleaning for those really dirty areas that need special attention.

Samsung claims that this is the most innovative robotic vacuum cleaner in the market today.

It uses a new visionary mapping system , and it has a built-in camera on the top so it takes a photo of the ceiling , and navigates it’s way around the room.

It knows where it has been and does not clean the same area twice unlike other vacuum cleaners that bounces everywhere around the room .

It goes from room to room, cleaning as it goes . When the battery gets low, it recharges , and finds it’s way back to the last place it had cleaned.

Like other robotic vacuum cleaners , it also has a scheduler , so you can program it to clean while you are away.

The things that robotic vacuum cleaners can’t do :

- They operate within a limited range so they may not cover the entire floor or the entire house.

- They cannot ascend or descend stairs and you also must have leveled floors .

- Some cleaners cannot find it’s way in the dark because they operate using light sensors , so you have to store them in a well-lit, non cluttered space for it to be fully-functional

- They cannot wash floors, due to the sensitivity of it’s components.

-  Servicing and repairs may be limited because these robots are constantly upgrading.

Are robotic vacuum cleaners worth the price ?

The robotic vacuum cleaner is one of the most helpful inventions for cleaning the house and every home should have it. Wouldn’t it be nice to come home to a spotlessly clean  home when you return from a hard day’s work ? Wouldn’t it be nice to  just sit back , relax and watch your favorite program while the robotic vacuum cleaner does it’s job ?

Just imagine having your own personal cleaner that knows it’s way around your home, doing stuff that you would rather not do.

It would definitely be worth shelling out a few hundred dollars in exchange for some valuable leisure “me” time and do the things that you enjoy.

And besides, these hard-working robots are just as inexpensive as normal vacuum cleaners , just as efficient , but definitely a whole lot easier to use .

So go ahead and buy one. You deserve it.

A Beginners Guide To Mulch

organic mulch

Mulch is made up of a variety of materials and provides several functions.

It is practical for encouraging beneficial soil organisms, protecting roots from high temperatures, deterring pests; improve the quality of soil texture, and suppressing weeds.

What are the type types of mulch?

Mulch is split into two specific categories: non-biodegradable and biodegradable.


Non-biodegradable mulch isn’t able to improve the structure or fertility of the soil, but it can help with providing a decorative finish, conserving moisture, and suppressing weeds. Common types include aggregates like stone chippings, gravel, pebbles, shingle, and slate. Plus, the lighter materials like tumbled glass, sea shells, and crushed CDs are practical for using in pots and containers.


Biodegradable mulch has a further benefit of being able to slowly breakdown and release helpful nutrients into the flower bed or vegetable patch. This is certain to help improve the all-round quality and structure of the soil. It is necessary to replace the biodegradable mulch as and when it starts to break down. Some of the most attractive materials include seaweed, straw, well-rotted manure, processed conifer bark, wood chippings, mushroom compost, garden compost, and leaf mold.

A further type of mulch material is the woven or sheet landscape fabrics which are a practical option for borders and beds. These sheets can be punctured with holes to make it possible to continue planting flowers in these areas. A negative aspect of the fabrics is the unattractive look which is usually concealed with the help of bark, gravel, or similar material. Also, to ensure moisture is able to seep through the fabric it benefits to use a permeable sheet.

When to apply mulch

The preferred time to apply the mulch material to the garden beds is late spring or early autumn. It usually helps to wait until the garden soil is able to naturally warm up. Also, the mulch can be applied to the garden when planting fresh specimens or beds.

How to apply mulch

Mulch is easy to apply to the garden and can cover the entire surface of the borders and beds. But, care should be taken to avoid smothering the groundcover plants or similar low-growth species. Also, avoid pouring a lot of the mulch material around the stems of woody plants.

A preferred depth for the biodegradable mulch is in the region of 2-3 inches. A thick covering is the most effective and ensures the mulch material gives the most benefits. Before applying the mulch it benefits to firstly remove all signs of weeds.

Issues with mulch

If applied in the correct manner, there shouldn’t be any issues with using the different mulch materials in the market. Although, it is essential to avoid piling too much mulch at the stems of trees as this can leave them weak and result in disease.

Also, a low-quality mulch material can lead to certain diseases, pests, and weeds in the garden. A further concern with woodchips is the small chance of bringing honey fungus into the garden. This is one of my favorite websites for DIY & gardening tips and a great mulching resource.